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I think, therefore I am not. - Thich Nhat Hanh


Game Development Project

I am currently leading a team of 5 to develop a game for our Final Year Project. Our game, Space Conflict: New Earth is a 3D Real-Time-Strategy game set in space where players lead massive space naval fleets into battle against one another or an AI for domination. We are using Unity to develop it for the PC platform.

Enterpise App Development

I am also taking a module on creating enterprise websites using JSP and MySQL, in which I have learned how to and developed an online game store (like Steam) as part of the module's assignment!


Living the Dream in Seattle, USA - 15th Sept 2014

I was living in Seattle, Washington for three months, doing an internship programme at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

"Three DIT Game Development Option students had the experience of a lifetime developing games at DigiPen Institute of Technology while visiting WA, USA" - Singapore Polytechnic Website

"Singapore Polytechnic student Evan Tay describes his life-changing visit to DigiPen's Redmond campus as part of the School of DMIT's Overseas Internship Programme." - DigiPen Website


Gaming Game-making Guitarist

Hi! I am Evan Tay, a 19 year old Singaporean passionate about gaming, game-making and guitar. I spend most of my time doing game development. In addition to making games, I also design and develop websites in my own free time. My hobbies include eating, reading, watching movies, swimming, billard and eating. I aspire to be a great guitarist and software developer one day!

You can read more about me at About page.


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