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02 Nov 2014

What's up! Since this is my first blog post, I feel it would be apt to introduce myself and give a little background of who I am. I am a Polytechnic student studying Diploma in Infocomm Technology, specializing in Game Development. I am passionate about playing the guitar and developing games. I mostly play the guitar finger-style/plucking (classical-style). I take guitar lessons every week, and also participate in my CCA's (Singapore Polytechnic Guitarists) classical ensemble practices.

I currently spend most of my time working on my final year project and preparing for my club's guitar concert, which is in 10 days! I will be performing as part of a classical ensemble, and also a quartet. In between practices, there is a lot of work to be done as I am part of the committee. I really hope all our hard work will pay off!

For my final year project, my team is working on developing a game called 'Space Conflict: New Earth'. It will be a 3D real-time strategy game about space naval combat, with massive battles in space between two or more opposing battle fleets. I really believe in the concept and my team, and hope that we will be able to turn it into a reality.

And now here is 20 facts about me (that I totally did not copy from an instagram post ):

1. I'm Evan. Not Ivan, Heaven or Even. Evan, as in Chris Evans without the S.

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Game-making Guitarist

Sup! I am Evan Tay, a Singaporean student scholar aspiring to be a great software developer and guitarist one day. I spend most of my time around a computer or a guitar. Chances are you will find me with either one at any point of time. You can find out more about me at the About page.


I am a year 3 student scholar at Singapore Polytechnic, studying the diploma course, 'Diploma in Information Technology'. I specialized in Game Development in Year 2! I am also a Microsoft Student Partner and IDA Integrated Infocomm Scholar. Find out more about me at the Resume page.