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Freelance Website Development - 2015

I recently completed a website development project. I improved the way I structured the web directory and handle navigation links. I also wrote cleaner code with HTML5 tags.

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Game Development Project - 2014/2015

I lead a team of five to develop Space Conflict: New Earth. It is a 3D Space Naval Combat Real-Time-Strategy game. We used Unity (game engine), Photoshop (2D graphics editing) and Blender (3D modelling) to develop it.

You play as a battle commander fighting for one of two opposing factions. You will lead your very own customizable spaceship fleet on an epic campaign to destroy the opposing faction.

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Enterprise App Development

I took an elective module on creating web applications using JSP and MySQL, in which I developed an online game store.

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Living the Dream in Seattle, USA - 15th Sept 2014

I participated in an overseas internship programme at DigiPen Institute of Technology’s main branch in Redmond, Washington in 2014. I worked on a student-initiated project using the Zero engine, DigiPen's proprietary game engine while over there.

"Three DIT Game Development Option students had the experience of a lifetime developing games at DigiPen Institute of Technology while visiting WA, USA" - Singapore Polytechnic's Website

"Singapore Polytechnic student Evan Tay describes his life-changing visit to DigiPen's Redmond campus as part of the School of DMIT's Overseas Internship Programme." - DigiPen Institute of Technology's Website
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